Glorious Leaf Cutter Bees

What you are viewing is the tremendous work of the little but mighty Leaf Cutter Bee!

Lovely Leaf Cutter work

Lovely Leaf Cutter work

This last March 2014 I purchased some native bee trays as part of my endevor to help the native bees.  It was part of my journey to be a conscious gardener.  So I put the trays up in a  little cavity house, (photo to follow, I haven’t taken the photo yet) and set we put the little cavity house with wooden native bee trays and waited to see if by some happy stance that native bees might use it.  I crossed my fingers and toes afternoon and walked out to my pump house to check out if there was any action in the trays.  I didn’t get my hopes up, so when I went out there I was pleasantly surprised that there was some holes used and one even plugged to the end of the wooden trays!

I brought it to the house and honestly I was a bit tepid that some sort of wasp might be in there instead.  But I took off the straps and lo and behold, green leaf bit were there and instantly a smile was on my happy face!  I feel elated that I have had some success.  Those hard working native bees were getting some help from us and even though I didn’t expect leaf cutter bees, I really thought Mason bees might use it, I’m thrilled.  I think by the time I got the trays out it was a bit late for Mason bees but next year I’m hopeful.

Here is what a Leaf Cutter Bee looks like.  A photo J. Meul astonishingly captured with the bee in flight transporting the leaf it worked so hard to harvest.



Please know that if you are interested in helping the native bees in your area you can get started very quickly.  This is the website I used to help me get started:

Crown Bees

I’ll post more to explain the step by step process I used to get started.